What is FIRE?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term FIRE, then a blog titled “FIRE with Family” might sound like a family with a house fire, or perhaps a blog about camping and fires in the wilderness with a family… But that’s not what FIRE has come to mean.

FIRE is a growing movement of young adults who have a goal of “Financial Independence, Retire Early.” We hadn’t heard of it when we started down the journey we’re on. We’d talked about retirement–and early retirement seemed like a dream that could never come true.

A lot of FIRE stories are people who don’t choose to have families or often wait to have children until later down the path. Perhaps they’re people who have high-paying jobs and realize that a change in lifestyle can drastically change their financial situation.

Our story is a little different. Our income has ranged somewhere between lower to middle income levels in our region. We’ve added to our family, three children before we were 30 years old. But with discipline, a spirit of competition turned towards winning financial independence, and a willingness to do what it takes, we’re on fire for our future!

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