Talking about money

People are still uncomfortable talking about money. If you start to discuss your salary or expenses, many try to change the subject or outright ask you to stop.

Here we are. Publishing our income and expenses out there for everyone to see. But we think it’s good to discuss!

Our friends might see us buying investment properties and think we’re making a huge income. Or see our old cars and think we are barely making ends meet. The answer is definitely in between.

When we tell someone we save “a lot of our income”—they might be envisioning that we save 10% or maybe even 20%. We’re here to tell you, we’re saving 30% and hoping to improve that to closer to 50%!Every profit from our investments is saved and reinvested so the numbers can grow. And we’re doing it with three children and seven pets.

Our expenditures are at the poverty level for a family of 5. Look it up. That’s what we budget for.

Throughout these posts, I’ll explain what that looks like for us. We’re saying no to a lot, but it doesn’t feel like that. We’re happy, the kids are happy, and we’re not even pursuing demanding and high pressure jobs. We’re home, and our goal is to be home full time in short order.

Maybe you can start on this journey too! If talking about our money helps you make yours work for you—then we will talk all we can!

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