Car repair resources to DIY

by Joseph

Here are some helpful resources when it comes to working on your own vehicle which is how we’ve saved a lot over the years:


Scotty Kilmer – Broad overview of the job you’re looking at doing. Videos are short and to the point and quickly cover the process you’re looking at doing without diving into too many specifics. Try searching “replace starter scotty kilmer” or whatever process you’re looking at doing. More recently he’s moved to answering questions and creating lots of commentary content, but all his fix videos are out there still too.

ChrisFix – Specific fixes with a list of tools and parts needed for each job. Again, not necessarily specific to your vehicle but many of the concepts are the same from vehicle to vehicle. Try searching for “chrisfix brake replacement”


you can DIY auto repair with simple searches and videos available online!

There’s likely a forum out there for your vehicle where helpful people have compiled lists of issues and fixes for your make model and year of car. These are especially useful places that often times have tips and other good information, many times with pictures, that will apply to your vehicle specifically.

Chiltons and Haynes Manuals

These are generally around $20 or less and in some cases can also be found at your local library for free. They are vehicle specific and they contain information on specific troubleshooting, fluids to use, capacities, part replacements, and much more.

Let me know what resources you’ve found helpful!

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