Little to say and lots of empathy

We neglected to post very much this week. We haven’t given up on sharing our journey to FIRE as a low-middle, single-income family. But much of what we want to share is less relevant in a global pandemic and economic shutdown.

Sure, budgeting tips and frugal habits we’ve formed are still useful, but we also understand the financial situations have gone topsy-turvy for millions in the last few weeks.

In the next few weeks, we still hope to share some frugal food tips and budget ideas, but this week, we just tried to be grateful for a roof over our heads, Joseph’s now work-from-home-job, and food on the table. The sunshine is free–and we were grateful for that too!

Looking for the bright spots amidst a hurting world.

For those not sure about jobs, homes, and food, you have our prayers and empathy. Please, seek help from the resources available. If struggling with mental health, please seek help–this too shall pass and is worth getting through!

While our financial situation could still be flipped on its head, while we can, we’re being generous towards local services and organizations that are helping those in dire need.

We hope through all of this unexpected pandemic in our lives, humans rediscover goodness and kindness and caring for one another!

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