Injury to investment

We were finally on the path to saving our 6-month emergency fund. We decided to look at some funds Joseph had received in an insurance claim that was paid following a severe injury in high school.

A severe injury in high school set Joseph back physically (had to learn to walk again!), but the financial settlement helped many years later to begin investing.

He’d invested it as wisely as possible. Went to a family friend who was a long-term financial advisor. Joseph was 18-years-old, and invested $12,000.

After we’d been married a few years, we looked at that investment, it was almost 8 years since it had been invested. It had not grown at all.

We reinvested that money through the same financial advisor. A few years later, it had hardly grown at all.

Finally, we took the tax hit and withdrew that investment money. Now, we took that and what we’d saved for a six month emergency fund, and bought our first investment property in 2017.

We’d already been debt free, struggled to establish habits that allowed us to save, and finally, we took the first step towards financial independence and investments we could control!

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