Pandemics, Preparedness, and our FIRE

Everyone is watching news of COVID-19 and the spread throughout the world and the US. Where we live, people are still on the fence. Some embracing caution and some still in denial of the need to flatten the curve!

We’ve also watched the crashing stock market although only a few thousand of our investments were in the market. Those are nearly back at our initial investment numbers. But we’ll leave them there. We haven’t bought or sold for several years.

What we are doing:

  • Grocery budget be hung—we’re stocking up on non-perishables including (yes) toilet paper, diapers, canned meat and beans, dry rice and beans, frozen meat/vegetables/fruit, flour, and salt.
  • We’re canceling group outings, parties, and forgoing some otherwise looked-forward-to gatherings at our church. Still cautiously attending church with just the members of the family old enough to observe social distancing and not touching faces.
  • Hopeful to work from home soon!

What we’re worried about:

  • When we’re infected, we hope none of us suffer severe respiratory complications as at least some of us have weakened lungs already.
  • Not wanting to be responsible for passing it on to someone for whom it is fatal
  • Long-term worry: will this change the ability of our wonderful tenants to pay rent?
  • Will our own ability to pay our mortgages (we have four of them) suffer due to tenant circumstances changing?
  • Will the housing market reflect the stock market eventually? Will this mean it’s hard to find tenants or will we benefit from this in being able to purchase more investment properties?

Grateful to be in a position where we can stock up. Where we can even stay home from work when needed and still be able to pay the bills. Grateful, too, that we are naturally introverted and a self quarantine isn’t hard for us since we naturally gravitate to spending time at home.

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